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Make Up is a form of art. Make up should accentuate our beauty, not cover them up.

"Perfect is boring. Human is beautiful." - Tyra Banks

"The best thing is to look natural, but it takes makeup to look natural." - Calvin Klein


Swiss surrealist artist H.R. Giger (February 5, 1940 - May 12, 2014), designer of the creature in Ridley Scott’s sci-fi horror classic “Alien”.

  • H.R. Giger Museum Bar
  • Château St. Germain, Rue du Burg, Gruyeres 1663, Switzerland

photo credit: (1- 4, 7-10) ©howzey - (5) ©gigerfilm - (6) ©SergiK


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Minta, Maka Kau Akan Diberi

Mungkin kata-kata ini sangat klise ya..

Tak kenal, maka tak sayang. Minta, maka kau akan diberi. Just ask, and wait until it’s given to you.. Tapi kerja juga kali ya, biar ga nganggur. 😂😂

Waktu itu, lagi nongkrong di Kuningan City sama temen dan pacarnya, lagi makan di depan bioskop.
Entah dari mana, ada Rio Dewanto dan Eva Celia lewat.. Trus si temen gw mau minta foto sama mereka, gw malu.. Gw ga mau. Temen gw pun mengurungkan niatnya, karena engga ada temennya buat ‘minta foto’ sama artis. Hahaha

Terus, gw bilang sama temen gw, “tenang, Yaya(nama temen gw). Suatu hari kita pasti bisa makeup-in mereka.”.
Yaya, “amin”.

Kebetulan gw dan Yaya adalah temen sekelas dan lumayan dekat di Puspita Martha International Beauty School.

Abis ujian sekolah bulan Februari kemarin, tiba2 dapet sms dari Herdian(stylist Men’s Folio), “Ndi, bisa makeup ga? 3 hari.”.. Gw jawab aja langsung, “bisa!”

3 hari menjelang hari H, gw nanya lagi, “kita mau fotoin siapa sih, Herdi?”.
Herdi, “Kuningan City icons”.

Jeng-jeng.. Kuningan City icon tuh banyak! Dan ada RIO DEWANTO & EVA CELIA!!
Aaaak! Tuhan, kamu selalu ada. Alam semesta, kamu kasi kado kelulusan paling dahsyat buat aku!

See? Kadang kata-kata yg iseng kita lontarkan sambil makan, bisa jadi doa yg menjadi kenyataan lho..

Trus, waktu gw ultah, ada temen gw, Alex, pajang poster di path ttg konser 2NE1 di Jakarta. Gw komen, “Lexy, hadiahkan gw tiket festival.. *ngarep*”.
Trus si Ownyet juga komen, “gw juga yaaa. 5 April.”.

Dan, tadi malem, Ownyet heboh ping gw di BBM. Ada apa sih? Trus notif dari Twitter juga lumayan banyak. What’s this shenanigans all bout?

Pas gw cek, ada mention dari Alex, dengan screencap bukti dia beli 2 tiket konser 2NE1. Buat gw dan Ownyet..

This is beyond my expectations. Gw cuma becanda minta kado, dan beneran dikasi. I’m speechless. Gw di taxi dalam perjalanan pulang dari sebuah event, gw nangis bahagia dalam taxi. It was an amazing feeling! *happy tears*
Thank you, Lexy!

Dan doa gw berikutnya adalah, lulus ujian CIBTAC, libur lebaran bisa keluar negri, di bulan Mei dan Juli penuh dengan panggilan kerjaan makeup, jadi makeup artist di JFFF tanpa bayar 2juta ke Puspita Martha, dan diajak kerjasama dengan majalah2 fashion besar di Indonesia. Amiiiin..!

Arians, you own it all!! 😘

Buset. Maret belanjanya banyak juga ternyata. 😓

Buset. Maret belanjanya banyak juga ternyata. 😓


Mika for Shu 2014 Tint In Gelato Lip Swatches!

Apologies for not noticing the queue dates and having this go out without captions earlier!

Japanese artist Mika Ninagawa has collaborated with Shu Uemura to create a range of beautiful limited edition makeup inspired by a dark, fantasy garden and luscious seductive fruits and flowers.

But it’s the new permament range of 12 Tint In Gelatos, lip and cheek creams similar to Lancome’s Absolu Velours and YSL’s new Baby Doll Kiss & Blush creams, that make me excited. They are thick, mousse-like creams that you can use on lips OR cheeks.

Unlike NYX’s Soft Matte Lip Creams, these go on a little creamier, not matte. 

All 12 shades are swatched above for your reference. My personal favorites are a bright milky salmon CR01, and 3 of the dramatic AT shades, 01, 02, 03. 04 I have to say I don’t personally like as much because it just doesn’t sit right on my lips I feel. Also very impressed by the pinks because these are super trendy cool-toned shades that I’d expect from NARS for MAC. 

Which one’s caught your eye?

U wish @ShuUemuraID carry gelato tint ASAP! ❤️❤️

Now I’m 22..

So, my birthday is the same day as the April Fool’s day. Some took my birthday as a joke. I don’t blame them..

A have a story today.

As a part of my internship from my beauty school, I gotta work at the mall Grand Indonesia. Giving free makeover to GI’s customers for free.

My shift was from 10:00 - 14:00. When my shift was coming to an end, I got a call.

Her: “halo, is this Andi? Andi Feng?”
Me: “yes. Who’s this? How can I help you?”
Her: “it’s from Make Up For Ever Indonesia. We would like to meet you, and endorse you as our makeup artist. We are launching new product, we need you to do the makeup. As well as signing a contract with us. Can you meet us at 5pm?”
Me: *only my close friend calling me Andi instead of Endi, and no one who works 9-5 wanna do a meeting after 5pm. So.. I guess it’s a joke, I just play a long* “No, I have to be back home at 5pm because I got another job to do. Maybe tomorrow.”
Her: “Ok. 4pm then.”
Me: “I’m in Grand Indonesia now. Meet me here.”
Her: “ok.”

My works are all done at 14.45-ish.. Catch my late lunch with a friend, then at 16.18, a call came in.

Her: “hi,Endi. can we meet at 5pm?”
Me: “sorry, I can’t.” *I was really hoping it’s true, that she was from MUFE Indonesia*
Her: “oh okay. Hold on.”

ANS SHE LAUGH. SHE LAUGH VERY LOUD, and I recognise that snort of a laugh in it. She was no other than STELLA LESMANA. What a jerk. Hahaha. She got me in the end! LOL

I was not putting my expectation very high though. Because I knew that MUFE Indonesia is having internal problems, so they won’t be having any works with makeup artist right now. When Stella called for the second time, I thought it was real. Then that snort came out. Shtakooo.. HAHAHAHAHA

Thank you for the birthday prank, thank you for the mini treats, thank you for making time to meet me.

Thank you, Steven(Stella’s fiancé) for letting her off the office before 5pm.

See you guys on your wedding day.. *evil grin*

XOXO, Endi Feng


The Roberto Cavalli  Fashion Show was the hottest catwalk at Milan Fashion Week - literally with a ring of fire in the center of his tented runway.

*Models wear creations for Roberto Cavalli Women’s Fall-Winter 2014-15 Collection: AP Photo/Antonio Calanni / AFP Photo/Filippo Monteforte / Marcus Tondo/Indigitalimages / Davide Maestri

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Having skin problems ?? No worries here’s a simple and easy DIY or remedyto make your skin look great and healthy ^_^
Source : Weheartit

Great tips!


Having skin problems ?? No worries here’s a simple and easy DIY or remedyto make your skin look great and healthy ^_^

Source : Weheartit

Great tips!

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Models(Are You?)

It’s been a week now. Make Up school is either fun, or MORE FUN!

It keeps getting better each day.

So, I want you girls to be a part of my journey to the TOP! I need models, I need canvas to make it pretty.

What I am looking for:

  1. GIRLS age 17-39 years old,
  2. Willing to be at PUSPITA MARTHA MakeUp School (Jln. Kyai Haji Wahid Hasyim, belakang Sarinah, sebrang SINDO, dekat stasiun kereta GONDANGDIA) from 8.45 AM - 4 PM, and
  3. I need a nice canvas to work with, so your brows will be groomed to achieve the required look.

If you are interested, and sure about the terms above, please email me  endifengmakeup@gmail.com

Subject: “Model is ME!”.  PLEASE attach a clear close up RECENTLY photograph of your face, pretty please. ^^,

Not only you’ll be my model, but you will learn eeny meeny bitsy of what the teachers facilitate in the class. It’s a great barter, right?

Did I mention FUN in the class? Well, I’ll make sure you’ll be a part of it!

So, are you my model? :)